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Argentinian Mate

Essential Organic Wood Set

Essential Organic Wood Set

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Ready for a change? 🤔 Experience the highest quality organic Argentine Matè, a drink that enhances focus and energy, offers more caffeine than coffee without the downsides, and soothes anxiety while boosting relaxation. 🍃

Limited time offer: get everything you need for Matè in one exclusive set. 


  • Pipore Yerba Matè, smooth Argentine blend 🌿
  • special wood cup with artistic design.
  • Matè Bombillia made from pure Stainless steel + brush
  • Complete Matè usage guide 📘
Celebrities and footballer love Matè for its health benefits and mental clarity. 🌟⚽️



  • Argentinian
  • Free Delivery
  • Highest Quality
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